long time no see.

I am just about the graduate from the Glasgow School of Art and I have a new website:


Go have a look see.

Lots of love,


our end of year exhibition, come along!

My heirloom.

Latex embossing the grain.

A drawer.

Nearly dry!

Once I had peeled it.


That DAMN graded unit has been stalling in my brain since the holiday started. I have an idea, AN IDEA. I’ve got that special feeling in my toes. Oh goody.

Polaroids of subject to come.

I found this dragonfly perfectly preserved and dry on a road in Denmark when I visited last summer. It is a beautiful shimmery blue and always reminds me of home.

I am sorry for the lack of posts as of late. I have been busy doing lots of written professional practice things and only posting shitloads on my tumblr.

Since I last wrote I have turned 20 and received word that I have an interview for Glasgow School of Art for the 22nd April. I hope my dream comes true.

Foul Play – 2005
Part-tanned leather

Foul Play – 2005
Annodised steel, silk, leather
Installation view

Foul Play – 2005
Installation view

After the Field – 2008
Installation at Washington Garcia, Dumbreck riding stables, Glasgow

For our crits on tuesday.

As you walk in the space:

And then you turn around looking out at where you came in:

“Exploring the ambiguity inherent in the nature of scale…”

“…images and sculptural objects that attempt to confuse and confound our inbuilt distinction between the miniature and the gigantic.”

“…dictating viewpoints…”

“Physically presenting intangible and inaccessible spaces…”

“…propped, leant and stacked within the confines of the gallery.”

Saville’s degree show statement can easily apply to my current project.

Installation VI
Wax, waxed paper, glass circle
metal table frame, spray paint

A tiny mountain.

I managed to sew the pieces onto bamboo sticks so they can be carried and also hung in a different space quite easily.
It is also now possible to create compositions in space with more than one structure on a stick.

Just two right now. I will be making another.

Thinking about scale and how a simple object/structure is completely changed with scale.
I think I will be having a large photograph and a sculpture as my final piece for this project. Crits are next tuesday.

I made a much smaller version of previous idea.

big vs. small

I need to move the sculpture off the wall, so it becomes much more 3D.

These bad boys are extremely photogenic, I am enjoying taking photos of them so much so I am going to post a whole bunch.

I think they would look brilliant hung from the ceiling in a white room with lights shining directly onto them creating shadows and therefore another repetition.

p.s. I edited my about me page. It’s a bit more informative now.

Sarah kindly gifted me a shitload of Pantone pens, she’s having clear out for exorcism purposes.

More developments.

This is gonna be a sorta oval shape, it stills needs a lot of stitching.

They photograph very nicely imo.

Keeping a colour scheme of red, black, brown, orange/tan and cream.

it’s a good square though.

Repetition is the name of the game.

More developments tomorrow my dears.

You should all get tumblr, it’s fantastic, it gives me inspiration every day!

Mine is here:

Berlin Photos!

HND1 Exhibition poster.

Bruce Nauman

Joseph Beuys

Joseph Beuys

Joseph Beuys

Joseph Beuys

Anna and Bernhard Blume


Wolfgang Tillmans

Wolfgang Tillmans

More Photos



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